hey there, my name is sagar chandarana.

I am from India and in my early 20s, a man in progress. My interests and skills around technology allowed me to travel to Brazil, eventually to US, and now in Switzerland. I met so many passionate people on my way.

In this year, I was able to trasform myself from feeling completely lost, to a person filled with joy and confidence. My journey to find self-love and passion, continues.

It's my fortune, that I found Mandy Caven, Jolie Dawn, and Zan Perrion as my coaches. They changed my life, no joke.

I feel lucky the way my life is turning out, and I want to give this value back to the world. I have started the project Live the life you love to help my generation mature faster, and ultimately improve the nature on Earth.

On my personal blog, I tell stories of my struggle, joy and love.